Straw Sparklers

These little 4th of July straw sparklers are so cute! They are so little and fun and a perfect alternative to real sparklers. Plus they last longer! If your kiddos aren’t too destructive anyway! ;) But even if they…


Easter Coloring Pack

I wanted to put together a cute little coloring set for my little one to take to Easter dinner this weekend. So I made these {free} printable bag tags and two sets of coloring pages. I plan to throw a couple of these packs…


Flower Bobby Pins

These little flower bobby pins are too sweet and so easy to make! You only need a few supplies and a few minutes of spare time! So are you ready for the easiest project and shortest post ever?


“Love”ly Mini-Sensory Bin

I’ve been wanting to make Little Miss a sensory bin for months now, but have been waiting for her to get a little older so she wouldn’t try to eat everything in it. After seeing this adorable Valentine Sensory bin, I decided it was time!


Felt Hearts Tutorial

One of my goals this year is to use up my stash. My craft stash! I have a whole bunch of supplies that are just sitting there crying out to be made into something pretty. And I can’t ignore them any longer! So while digging…


Paint Chip Trees

Are you ready for another crazy easy project? Good. Because this one is SO easy to make! You can make a bunch of these paint chip trees really quickly and the results are too cute! I made some of these little trees last year, but…


Clothespin Slinky Pumpkins

While everyone else is probably thinking about Christmas decorations, I’m still working on Fall. Partly because I procrastinate. And partly because ideas almost always…

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