Easter Gifts For Boys

I don’t’ have boys, but I do have a lot of fun shopping for them! So I found some really cute gifts that I want to share with you. These would be perfect for stuffing those Easter baskets this year!


Easter Gifts For Girls

I absolutely LOVE shopping for goodies to stuff in my little girl’s Easter basket! Sometimes the Easter Bunny needs a little help and I’m more than happy to comply. So I’ve been looking around and found some pretty cute things…


Straw Sparklers

These little 4th of July straw sparklers are so cute! They are so little and fun and a perfect alternative to real sparklers. Plus they last longer! If your kiddos aren’t too destructive anyway! ;) But even if they…


“Love”ly Mini-Sensory Bin

I’ve been wanting to make Little Miss a sensory bin for months now, but have been waiting for her to get a little older so she wouldn’t try to eat everything in it. After seeing this adorable Valentine Sensory bin, I decided it was time!


Felt Hearts Tutorial

One of my goals this year is to use up my stash. My craft stash! I have a whole bunch of supplies that are just sitting there crying out to be made into something pretty. And I can’t ignore them any longer! So while digging…


“I Heart You” Gift Tags

Check me out! I already started on Valentine’s Day goodies! I know it’s shocking. I can’t believe it either. Typically I would post this the day before the BIG day. Let’s hope I keep this up! But don’t hold your breath just in case…


Baby Binky Bunny

Even though Easter has come and gone, I just had to show you this adorable little bunny I made for my little one! It’s the perfect Easter gift, but could be given any time of the year. Once I saw this little bunny, I didn’t have to think…

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