Paint Chip Trees

Are you ready for another crazy easy project? Good. Because this one is SO easy to make! You can make a bunch of these paint chip trees really quickly and the results are too cute! I made some of these little trees last year, but…


Cottage Cheese Cookies

If you are looking for the perfect holiday cookie, you found it! These cookies look and taste just like Christmas. Not like cottage cheese. And not like pine needles either, which is apparently what Christmas would taste like…


Clothespin Slinky Pumpkins

While everyone else is probably thinking about Christmas decorations, I’m still working on Fall. Partly because I procrastinate. And partly because ideas almost always…


Clothespin Magnets

This is probably the easiest project in the history of the world, but I figured I might as well put a little tutorial together while showing you what I was up to yesterday. If nothing else, to show you how quick and easy it is.


Fall Leaves Printable

Fall is one of my favorite seasons and I am looking forward to it even more this year! I start enjoying the season once September hits, whether the weather plays along or not. So far it’s not.


Team USA Headband

Are you enjoying the Olympics as much as I am? Summer is my favorite! And while my little one is too young to get excited about the Olympics, she’s not too young to support Team USA! These headbands are super quick…


DIY Sofa Shelf

Last year, I rearranged our entire living room. For a shelf. So, it’s no big surprise that it was a bad decision. I wanted a shelf above our couch so much, that I put the rest of our furniture in places that I didn’t really want them.


Patriotic Ice Cube Stars

The 4th of July is quickly approaching and it’s always one of my favorite days of summer! My family gets together for a BBQ every year, but we never do any kind of patriotic-themed decorating.

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